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Dead Mule Publishing House

The Dead Mule School of Southern Literature begins its 18th year online with a new venture: Publishing Volume One of 100 Writers x 100 Stories – the book. This compendium of the First of The Best will be available Fall 2013.

Utilizing crowd-funding (or not), we’ll be able to publish copies for our writers as well as for sale to the average Joe and the average Susie, but is anyone really average? Nah.

Stick around for a while and wait for the site changes or go on over to your Aunt Fanny’s and have supper. She’s frying up a mess of chicken and she’s got a couple gallons of sweet tea in the fridge. Mom’s got some crooked neck squash she’s planning on smashing up with some Vidalia onions and a couple of banana peppers from PawPaw’s garden. It’ll be at least sundown before we get it all posted, so you go on over there and grab yourself a plate.

We’ll be here when you get back.

Get ready. 100 writers. We’ll announce the stories/writers soon. We’ll announce the ¬†Kickstarter project soon. Why gosh goodness, we’ll just be full of information … soon. Until then check out our FAQ. Poetry book is pushed back until 2014.

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